Hard Times is a game of extreme urban survival during which you will have to put yourself in the role of a homeless person, struggling with all the challenges that daily survival poses in the great metropolis of indifference.


Hard Times is a solo dev project by Ivan Preziosi, build over the last three years as a passion project in his spare time and after his daytime job. This game is born as a personal critique on the decency rethorics and as a way to sensibilize about homelessness and emargination problems. I have talked with many people working on the matter, volunteers, sociologist, academics to understand and study better the question. I have read book on the matter and will donate 10% of any revenue from the game to "L'Alternativa onlus" a small ngo organization working on homeless people support programs in my hometown.


  • Resource farming
  • Begging and pickpocketing people
  • Shoplifting and robbing
  • Police and thugs
  • Alcohol and Drugs
  • Animal Taming
  • Personal Hygiene and diseases
  • Hunger, stamina and many stats to micromanage
  • Fishing spots, baits and pasture creation
  • Shelter creation and furnitures creation
  • Modding support and mods repository on
  • Awesome original soundtrack
  • Supports homeless people aid program with 10% of all revenues



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Awards & Recognition

  • "Indie Prize Finalist at Codemotion Rome 2019" Hard Times was selected as an Indie Prize Finalist at Codemotion Rome 2019 and earned a dev scholarship to fly to the GameDaily Connect 2019 in Los Angeles to showcase among other finalists from all over the world.

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L'Alternativa Onlus
L'Alternativa Onlus is a voluntary association formed by young people and active with support programs aimed at people in distress and homeless people.

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Ivan Preziosi
I will do it all! Solo dev and nervous breakdown
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Awesome Soundtrack